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Tuition Options

30 Minute Lesson

This is the standard amount of lesson time for one student

$145 per month

45 Minute Lesson

For the more serious student  or student who is interested in/studying more than one instrument

$195 per Month

60 Minute Lesson

Have two students? This is a great option. The 60-minute time slot is split, with each student typically getting 30 minutes each

$245 per Month

75 Minute Lesson

This is the perfect option for either 2 or 3 students in a household 

$295 per Month


Tuition Rates are paid monthly, and lessons are held once a week. Lessons start at $145 monthly and increase by $50 per month for every 15 minutes added to weekly lesson time.










Have a flexible schedule or work from home?

MMC offers a 10% discount to students who schedule their weekly lesson at or before 2 pm!



Two children takng guitar lessons

MMC recognizes that a lot of households have more than one aspiring musician, that’s why we offer many tuition packages for you to choose from.

The longer the lesson block, the more you save per student! 

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